How long does it last ?

The glass nail file is very long lasting, and if used with care, will last you a number of years.  Over time it will gradually begin to feel smoother but will still file your nails perfectly.  The surface of the file is acid-etched so it won’t wear off like an emery board or other cheaper alternatives. The files are made from toughened safety glass of the very finest quality.  It can be easily sterilised if you wish to use it commercially in beauty salons or nail bars, or between the whole family, and re-used time and time again.

The benefits ?

With continued use the glass nail file will encourage your nails to become stronger.  It will leave your nails much smoother after use, sealing the sides of the nail and preventing pollutants that cause splitting and peeling from getting into the nail.  From its first use, you will be aware of how smooth your nails are when you have used a glass file, with no snagging or rough edges that can be apparent when you use emery boards.Over a period of 8 weeks, when used twice a week or more, your nails should become much stronger.Footfiles can be used for filing the toe nails, and the removal of hard skin on the soles of the feet and heels.

Can I use it on artificial nails or gel nails?

Yes, but please remember to dip the file into water to reduce the friction on the gel or artificial nail.

How do I clean it ?

Just rinse it under the tap after use. If the surface does become clogged then you can brush it with an old toothbrush or something similar to clear the surface ready for re-use.

Can it break ?

If dropped on a hard or tiled floor then the file will crack, particularly if it's not in its protective sleeve or hard case.  As it's made from safety glass it will not shatter or splinter and the pieces will not be sharp, and will not cut you.   We recommend you don’t keep the file in the bottom of your handbag unless it's in a hard case.  If you wish to carry it with you, try the side pocket of your handbag or your purse/wallet. We supply see-through travel cases for your file, at no extra cost, or you can purchase a nailfile holder in either pink, purple, silver, blue, or black, that resembles a lipstick case, and which will keep your file not only safe in your handbag, but easier to find.

Go Green !

Environmentally the glass nail file is superior as it is long lasting, unlike emery boards which often need to be thrown away after only a short while.  The glass file will continue to work perfectly after many uses.

How do I buy more for friends and family?

We operate a mail order service via the internet at  Additionally, you can phone us on 0121 246 6326 or 07764 413065, or e-mail us at  We take debit or credit card payments (not Amex).Postage and packing incurs a fee of £1.50 ( only one flat fee for orders of 1-10 files).

If you wish, you can send your requirements though the mail to to A Touch of Glass, 3 Burnthurst Crescent, Solihull B90 4UJCheques should be payable to A Touch of Glass.  Payments can also be taken via credit/debit card or Paypal (you do not need a Paypal account to use this service).

We aim to respond to mail orders within three working days.Please contact us if you wish us to discuss your order, or how we might be able to assist.